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Scott Frankfurt Studio (Woodland Hills, CA) reveals information and shares insights about a new recording workflow for artists, bands, producers and engineers who appreciate the merits of 2" 16-track analog tape recording and the musicality inherent in the medium. Among the cameos are Chris Mara (Mara Machines), performances from Indie rockers "Lu Rain", R&B A-List session musicians performing "Gone", and the hard-rocking "PHILM" featuring Dave Lombardo on drums.


“Where Will We Go From Here”
Written by Wil Pearce & Kelly Boek
Performed by Lu Rain
Guitars: Wil Pearce
Bass: Ryan Foglesong
Drums: Matt Davis
Vocals: Kelly Boek

“Gone” (Cover)
Written by Justin Timberlake, Wade J. Robson
Arranged by Michael Mayo
Vocals: Michael Mayo
Drums: Mike Shapiro
Bass: Calvin Turner
Guitar: Jackson Allen
B3: Abdul Hamid Robinson Royal
Sax: Scott Mayo

“Song 2”
Performed by PHILM
Drums: Dave Lombardo
Bass: Pancho Tomaselli
Guitar: Gerry Nestler

Produced and engineered by Scott Frankfurt
Assistant Engineers: Matthew Gorski, Wil Pearce, Carina Lin
SFS Crew: Sharon Frankfurt, Wil Pearce, Matthew Gorski, Tamish Bates, Kiki Halliday, Heather Hershow

Additional Appearances:
Chris Mara, Dave Lombardo Jr., Sharon Frankfurt, Abraham Laboriel, Abe Laboriel Jr., Lyn Laboriel, Michiko Hill, Bill Maxwell, Sergio Mendes, Paul Ericksen, Christopher Cross, Mikael Mutti

MCI Still Photos courtesy,,
Tom Dowd and Mack Emerman Fighting Over Who’s Going to Get the JH-16 (MCI Ad). Photo courtesy of Carla Harned and Larry Lamoray.

Technical Thanks: Steve Sadler, Ross “Drum Doctor” Garfield, Darren Hynes, Gustavo Mendes, Alltek Organ.

Video by John Martin for JLM Creative
Photography and Videography: Tolga Gurpinar, Sharon Frankfurt
Additional Photos & Video: SFS Crew, Hannah Brazil, Matthew Gorski

Special Thanks: Sharon Frankfurt, Spectrasonics, Sergio Mendes, John Martin, Tolga Gurpinar, Eric and Lorey Persing, Doug Rider, Darius Fong, Kelly Paiste, Judy at Avignon Bakery and Bonnie Frankfurt.

Gear: Mara Machine Restored 1979 2” MCI JH-16, ATR Master Tape, Genelec, Phoenix Audio, UA, JCF Audio, GP2 Inc., API, Avalon, Focusrite, Vintech, Avid, Apogee, Tascam, Lexicon, Yamaha, Dangerous Music, DBX, Inovonics, Milennia, Shure, Sennheiser, Neumann, Telefunken, Mojave Audio, B.L.U.E., AKG, Gretsch Drums, Paiste Cymbals.