NEW CAPABILITIES: Orchestra and Rhythm Section Scoring at SFS! After several inpiring scoring dates with talented composers Ben Mason and Grant Fonda, along with the help of Mauricio Gasca, John Martin, Wil Pearce, Ryan Foglesong, Sharon Frankfurt, our admin Jennifer Beaver and the folks at AEA Ribbon Mics​, we are thankful and proud to announce that SFS speaks *strings*!  Enjoy behind the scenes snippets of a recent Scoring session where Scott Frankfurt Studio recorded 5 Violins, 3 Violas, 2 Cellos, 1 Bass, 1 Fr. Horn, Drums, Bass, and Guitars + Conductor - LIVE to picture. Score composed by Grant Fonda for an amazing animated video work called "The Story". Including our staff, there were 21 of us involved! It was a tremendous success and we are very thankful to work with such talents. Check out audio, and behind-the-scenes video preview below!


THE STORY - Scoring session at SFS with Grant Fonda - Preview from Scott Frankfurt on Vimeo.

Learn more: The Story (Preview)Belinda Broughton, Violin Solos Scott Frankfurt, Engineer Mixed and Mastered at Scott Frankfurt Studios, Woodland Hills, CA The Story Copyright (c) 2015 Phil Borst and Spread