Rotana bringing new music in collaborataion with JP Saxe and David Zimmer. Audio realized at SFS. This was a huge pleasure - because of the talent and commitment Rotana brings. She is among the game-changing "100 Women" being recognized by the BBC. As a Saudi woman, outspoken artist and poet she is making waves in complicated times - and we were enriched by our time with her. She is a person of love and compassion, with a gift for song.

On the tech side: Two 4050's close and two MA300s far on the piano; Drums AEA R88MkII overhead does the heavy lifting, with a little snare (Granelli 57) and kick (D12) spot mics. Lot's of subtle details on the mix including echo rides throughout. I find that simple orchestrations take a lot of care to get right. Very happy with the sonic results here.


Vocals: Rotana
Record, Mix, Master, Co-Production: Scott Frankfurt
Piano: JP Saxe, Co-Production
Drums: David Zimmer
Assisted by Sharon Frankfurt, Myla Renne and Ross Bridgeman