Patrick Levis - Extravagant God

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    Extravagant God

    Patrick Levis - Extravagant God

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    Found Victorious

    Patrick Levis - Extravagant God


Patrick Levis is a an actor, singer song-writer from Southern California and all around fantastic guy. As far as the CCM genre is concerned, he's my new favorite. He writes *great* stuff for the fans of christian music that appreciate biblical roots. The musical setting is Redmond/Crowder/Lumineers, but Patrick makes these tracks all his own.

It was a real honor to produce this full length project for Patrick and his family. You can learn more about Patrick's work here.

Produced by Scott Frankfurt |
All arrangements by Scott Frankfurt and Patrick Levis
Recording | Darius Fong, Scott Frankfurt
Mixing | Darius Fong
Mastering | Scott Frankfurt

Patrick Levis | Lead & Backing Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Caitlin Wade | Duet Lead Vocals on "His Song"
Backing Vocals | Cailtin Wade, Hannah Brazil, Sharon Frankfurt, SF, PiGEON, Joe Levis, Wil Levis etc.
David Zimmer | Drums, Percussion
Ryan Foglesong | Electric & Acoustic Bass
Wil Pearce | Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Mandolin
Scott Frankfurt | B3, Piano, Synthesizers, Percussion, Pump Organ
Basil Fung | Electric Guitar on "Break My Heart"
Tim Nienhuis | Electric Guitars on "Extravagant God"
Engineering & Production Support | Wil Pearce, Hannah Brazil, Sharon Frankfurt, Samantha Granados
All songs by Patrick Levis except "Extravagant God", "My Rock", "Take Your Place" by Patrick Levis and Caitlin Wade.


For my arranger/producer mates I've got a few tech notes. All synths are patches I made or tweaked in Omisphere. There's a few from Stylus RMX and Trilian too. There were two production modes; one for the tracks that got the "big" sound like the title track, and another for the live acoustic performances as heard on "Found Victorious".

There was a decent amount of pre-pro on this as I have to be very efficient when working on projects around my Spectrasonics schedule. Songs, keys and clicks were all completed and dialed before tracking basics. I've made enough discs with Darius Fong now that carving basics was super productive - completed over a weekend. The production flow was traditional/circular from then out in that enhancements were made every time a file was opened - but no long editing sessions. I felt it made for *less* editing and more musical decision making and objectivity.

Carved at 96k, employed the OTB summing rig to this project: 16 wide HD -> Folcrom -> JCF LEVR -> Apogee -> DVRA1000HD for mixdown at 88.2K. (Lots of UAD plugs - love their stuff.) Nice mix by Darius made mastering ITB very straight forward. We already had the sound I wanted. Moderate use of UAD tools and careful Ozone application took care of the mix forward, tone curve and level tasks - DDP was assembled in Peak. In the end, I was delighted with the dynamic range and the level is respectable - with the disc translating great outside of SFS. Curious about something? Feel free to ask.