"I have been making records for 50 years and had the opportunity of working in studios all over this planet. On my last recording ("Bom Tempo") I had the wonderful surprise and delightful experience to work in a charming and state of the art studio in Woodland Hills, which was recommended to me by Darius Fong, the engineer that was working with me on the album. The owner - Scott Frankfurt - is an outstanding musician and masterful sound designer. Every day working at Scott's studio was a joyful experience to me - great sounds and the warmest environment! I highly recommend the studio and Scott's expertise and musicality. P.S. The quiches, croissants and cookies were a wonderful touch - thank you Sharon!"
Sergio Mendes - Legendary Artist & Musician

"If you are interested in working in an environment where excellence rules the day then work with Scott Frankfurt. In more than two decades we have worked together he and his place have consistently delivered quality that elicits the highest compliments from all involved either as participants or strictly as listeners. Sincerely,"
Abraham Laboriel Sr. - World-renowned Musician

"I recently had the pleasure to spend a week overdubbing at Scott Frankfurt Studio. As you would expect from someone of Scott's reputation and professionalism, the studio is immaculate both technically and sonically. Furthermore it is one of the most well equipped and comfortable working environments that I have ever worked in. Scott and Sharon most certainly provide a warm and productive environment, are sensitive to the project's requirements and generous with their hospitality. I can't wait to work there again."
David HentschelProducer (Genesis, Elton John, Phil Collins)

"Scott's attention to detail and musicality are impeccable! When I want nuance (and I typically do), he's my go-to guy."
Mervyn Warren - Five-time Grammy Awarded Producer/Composer

"I met Scott through a mutual dear friend Dennis Lambert. I was looking for someone to co produce my 1998 "Walking In Avalon" album. So began a marvelous collaborative relationship and friendship. To describe what Scott does and brings to the process is like trying to explain fire to early man. His talents and skills range from composition, programming, engineering, playing, producing and creating a wonderful vibe in his state-of-the-art room. I have had the privilege of working over the last 30 years with some of the most gifted people in the industry, and Scott is front and center in that class photo".
Christopher Cross - Oscar, Golden Globe, Five-time Grammy awarded Artist

I have worked with Scott Frankfurt, both as a musician and as an engineer and mixer in his own studio. On both counts I have always found him to be quite exceptional. He is a brilliantly instinctive musician and a sonically extremely sophisticated engineer and mixer.
Jeremy Lubbock - World-renowned Multi-Grammy Awarded Composer/Arranger/Producer

"Scott Frankfurt Studio is truly one of the best kept secrets in Los Angeles. This place is a dream for any indie band or record label. Nestled in a gorgeous Woodland Hills neighborhood, Scott and his wonderful wife Sharon have created a transcendent sonic retreat that our artists love so much we've dubbed it our creative home! The studio itself inspires creativity and the signal path rivals the very best available, brilliantly combining analog sensibilities with digital precision. But what really puts SFS in its own class is Scott himself. To work with Scott is to know the highest standards of sonic, technical and artistic excellence - and every project I have brought to him has flourished as a result. Scott has worked on our projects extensively as producer, artist and studio owner. In every capacity, the unparalleled level of care he gives to each project really frees the artist to create at their utmost potential. I always come away feeling confident and thrilled with the outcome. I can't recommend Scott or Scott Frankfurt Studio highly enough!"
John MartinExecutive Producer, Resolved Music